Photo by  Naho Kubota
  Location:  2 Prince St, Nolita, New York.  Completed: 2014.    Installation One: Raw Elements of Construction  was designed for FEIT, as their NYC Flagship.  In the morning, the SoHo sun slips over sheets of plywood and mirrored boxes and filters through skeleton walls made of two-by-fours in a filigreed geometry.  Neither construction site nor art gallery, Feit is a 580 sqft footwear flagship across from New York City’s Sanaa-designed New Museum, which is reflected in the rear walls of the store.  Jordana Maisie Design Studio built Feit largely from matte-polyurethaned birch plywood shorn into clean angles and planes.  Price calls Feit a 'luxury modern-day cobbler', because it uses age-old shoemaking techniques to produce a contemporary product.  Maisie expressed hand-making by opting for one-off furnishings built by two carpenters on site – and by pushing the materials.  'The geometries of the displays,' she says, 'ask things of the materials and the fabrication processes that are not typically demanded from them.'  The cash desk is, let’s just say, multi-directionally polygonal. A triangular glass vitrine in its face slides like a drawer but looks like a crystalline art object.  Vertically mounted fluorescent fixtures distinguish display from service areas, like shoe repair and mirror-clad fitting rooms.  The striated lighting reinforces the varying pace at which passers-by cross the façade and, reflected in the mirror, confounds the shop’s dimensions.  What is unexpected – apart from realizing that you’re not sure where the door is once you’ve tried to exit through a mirror – is the great clarity with which the shoes stand out on their blank plywood perches.  - - - - -   Team   General Contractor / Millwork: K&S Construction Renovations
  Location:  150 Wooster St, Soho, New York.  Completed: 2019.   WARDROBE.NYC's Concept Store focuses on simplicity, utility, proportion and performance - showcasing clean lines, subtle details, and considered finishes.  The brand’s new release is inspired by the city - capturing an elevated urban aesthetic that fuses iconic street-wear shapes with luxurious, technical textiles to create modern essentials for everyday life.  “Release 03 is imagined for a day in the life of the city – versatile, trans-seasonal, day or night, these pieces are designed to wear together, or as separates to form the foundation of an urban wardrobe.” said Centenera.  The store’s interior, designed by Jordana Maisie Design Studio, conveys the elemental approach embodied by the brand.  Borrowing from the familiar structural language of the street, Maisie builds a space within a space. Steel rails, decks, pipes and clamps, all part of a standard scaffolding system, are brought together to create a focused monochromatic design; delivering each of the three WARDROBE Releases.  A central axis slices through the length of the space creating an uninterrupted path through the installation as it rises up on either side of you. The exaggerated scale of the installation mimics the expansive all-encompassing nature of NYC’s streets.  Large mirror surfaces fold you into the experience; extending the space beyond. The repetition of 4ft T5 fluorescent light fixtures amplifies the clean lines and modular approach of the brand.  Employing a ready-made system in an innovative way – aligns with the brand’s ethos; enabling adaptation and reuse for future design iterations.  The concept store allows customers to interact with each WARDROBE.NYC release to date – TAILORED, SPORT and STREET – in person for the first time.  “We aimed to capture our aesthetic and our online platform in the real world. We want customers to experience our concept, the cut & quality of the garments, and experiment with wardrobe styling in an environment that connects with a new generation of luxury consumer.” said Goot.  - - - - -   Team   General Contractor: K&S Construction Renovations
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 All images courtesy of Jordana Maisie
  Public Art Commission:   Splendour in the Grass   Festival /  Light in Winter , Federation Square, Melbourne.   In 2011 Maisie was commissioned to create a large-scale interactive  installation for world renowned music festival,  Splendour in the Grass .   Close Encounters  was conceived to expose the socio-cultural edifice present within the commercial music festival. The installation provokes audience participation through the use of wireless text messaging (SMS). The public are invited to engage by texting the phone number displayed on the integrated LED marquee, by doing so, they enter into a dialogue with the anonymous ‘alien’ on the other end of the line; co-creating a real-time festival sub-plot as their conversation unfolds.   The key to the dynamism of this experience is the presence of the actual sculpture, rooted in the physical world. The sculpture provides a literal and metaphoric gateway to an unbridled collective sharing of information, thoughts, feelings and imagination, as well as insight into the socio-cultural experience of that physical space.